Circumstances Under Which Divorce Is Allowed In Kenya

Using the Marriage Act of 2014 as reference, below are some of the circumstances under which divorce is granted in Kenya;

  1. If one spouse is adulterous.
  2. If one spouse is cruel to their partner or to any of their kids in the marriage.
  3. A marriage partner who intentionally neglects the other for at least two years immediately preceding the date of presentation of the petition.
  4. A couple that has been separated voluntary or by court order for two years.
  5. If one spouse gets sentenced for life imprisonment or for a term of more than seven years.
  6. If one of the partners in marriage suffers from an incurable form of insanity and it is proved by two physicians that they cannot be cured during their lifetime using the existing medical knowledge.
  7. Any other grounds for divorce as the court deem fit

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