Courts Dismisses A Case Of A Rich Kid Seeking Upkeep From His Tycoon Dad

In a shocking turn of events, a 29 year old man sued his father for upkeep.

The oil company executive demanded Ksh2.8 million from his father to help him undertake and finish his studies without ‘suffering’.

In a ruling, Judge Aggrey Muchelule dismissed the case on accounts that the man was now earning an income from the petroleum company and that he shouldn’t rely on his father.

The man, identified in court papers as Allan Njau Waiyaki had argued that his father was rich and that he bore equal responsibility to that of his mother to take care of him. He claimed his mother had gifted him Sh2.6 million for upkeep.He urged the court to force his father to foot the whole bill, which included refunding his mother the money she had given him.

His father, a Eddie Waiyaki Hinga, urged the court to dismiss the case; Waiyaki said he had educated and taken care of his son up to age 22 in 2012. He insisted that he had no further parental responsibility over him.

The further told the court his son was a shareholder of a firm that was granted retailer status by Vivo Energy Kenya and that he had gotten Sh2.9 million as profit.

The magistrate’s court agreed with Waiyaki and dismissed his son’s case.

However, Njau who felt aggrieved moved to High Court, complaining that although he had attained the adult age, he was still dependent on his parents to complete his education.

He claimed his parents had set a high standard for him, hence they had a responsibility to promote his social progress.

“It is against my right to education for my father to discontinue my education prematurely. The respondent is a man of means and he has the ability to educate me,” Njau argued.

His father told the court he had no powers to entertain a case brought by an adult seeking upkeep.

The court sided with the father.

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