IT Manager Accused Of Hacking And Stealing From The Late Njenga Karume’s Bank Accounts Plans To Sue Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi

Odhiambo vs Nyakundi: Gregory Odhiambo (Left) the Jacaranda Hotels IT Manager and Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi
Cyprian Nyakundi is a very controversial blogger who has fought with the high and mighty. There are numerous articles from this site that have documented previous gag attempts on the fearless blogger.

The blogger says that he receives a minimum of ten demand letters per month, but he remains unshaken.

Recently he carried a story of one Gregory Odhiambo, the IT Manager for the late Njenga Karume’s Jacaranda Hotels. Blogger Nyakundi had linked Gregory to the hacking of bank accounts of the late former cabinet minister to share the loot with the trustees who he said are corrupt and out to swindle the wealth that Mr. Karume left behind.

Blogger Nyakundi wrote on his page:

“There are rumours of hacking of bank accounts to hide and steal money on behalf of Kimani and the trustees going on. The hacking is done by one Gregory Odhiambo, the head of IT who drinks tens of thousands with friends at The Node Restaurant in Westlands every time he’s there; and he gets drinks at a discounted price and on credit. Mark you that staff members aren’t allowed to drink at the Restaurant. However, he does drink and we’ve been told that he even gets reckless with women despite having a wife and kids at home.”

This has now atttracted a demand letter. Gregory Odhiambo is planning to sue Cyprian Nyakundi for defamation.

In a letter seen by Mahakamani News, the lawyer for the IT Manager, Olando, Okello and Lusenaka Advocates says that the publication of 18th November 2019 on was injurious to their client.

We refer to the above matter and write to you on instructions received from our above named client to address you as hereunder:-

THAT on or about the 18th day of November 2019 on your blog: our herein above named client learnt with astonishment and dismay that you, in absolute disregard of any inquiry, confirmation or decency proceeded to falsely and maliciously publish to other persons words to the effect that our said client being the group ICT manager of Jacaranda Hotels is rumored to be hacking bank accounts to hide and steal money on behalf of a Mr.Kimani and the trustees of the Njenga Karume Trust.

The letter dated 21st November gives the blogger a chance to apologise; to ‘retract in writing the said malicious and unjustifiable words forthwith ‘ or face legal proceedings against him.

Curiously, the letter, unlike all others, doesn’t state the grace period the blogger has been given to retract and apologise to Mr. Gregory Odhiambo.

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